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Our Pharmacy: goals and priorities

The Gesundheitspunkt runs a practice pharmacy, which enables you to obtain medications prescribed by your doctor that you need immediately and, in the vast majority of cases, to bill the health insurance companies as part of your doctor's bill.

Remember that if you are on continuous drug therapy, you should get checked every 3-4 months.



Drug delivery

Running our pharmacy is governed by rigorous government regulations and places significant demands on our workflow and quality assurance. We guarantee compliance with the applicable storage and dispensing regulations, which also includes observance of effectiveness, expediency and economic efficiency (WZW). We only dispense remedies to patients whose health status is known to us and we ensure the best possible generica substitution. We make every effort to monitor side effects and interactions of your medication and to provide you with adequate explanations and answer your questions at the time of dispensing.

For this purpose, we rely on state-of-the-art technology and take advantage of a medication robot.



Integrated care and collaboration

Medications that are not in stock will be ordered (waiting time approx. 1 working day). In special cases, however, it may be necessary or easier for you to obtain your medication directly from the pharmacy in Unterägeri by prescription. We maintain a good cooperation with the pharmacy in Unterägeri (AMAVITA, Dr. Müller), so that there are no disadvantages for you except for the sometimes additional way. On the contrary, we experience this cooperation as very positive.

Both sides are working together on projects where drug safety is an issue. A good example is the project "Verblisterung" in our retirement center Breiten, where 3 motivated partners work together smoothly for the benefit of our seniors.

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