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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy supports and accompanies people of all ages who are limited in their ability to act or are threatened by a limitation. The goal is to empower them in performing meaningful activities in the areas of self-sufficiency, productivity and leisure in their personal environment.



What does this mean in concrete terms?

Do you find it difficult to wash, dress or groom yourself? Your shampoo bottle falls out of your hand or you have trouble closing your buttons? Cooking a simple dish never bothered you and was a natural activity. Now you notice more and more difficulties or you even need help? You become more forgetful and can't remember names? The water bottle can no longer be opened? Or the strength in your hands and fingers is reduced after an accident or illness?

-> Occupational therapy helps you become as independent as possible in your daily life again.

Our solution:

Due to our close cooperation with ergosuisse we bring occupational therapy to the Gesundheitspunkt and to your home.