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Important information for our patients

What you can expect from us:

The purpose of our professional secrecy is to protect patients and their interests. It forms the basis for the relationship of trust between the employees of the Gesundheitspunkt and our patients. Only in the following cases can the Gesundheitspunkt disclose patient-related information: 1. you have authorized us to disclose information to third parties. (See also our registration form, which you must sign!). 2. we are required by law (for example, reporting communicable diseases or suspicious deaths) or authorized (for example, reporting impaired driving) to provide information to a government agency. Importantn Notice for Parents: Judgmental minor patients have the right to have us treat their health condition confidentially. Minors are considered capable of judgment from the age of 10 to 15 years - depending on the specific situation and question.
Appointments can be booked by e-mail, by phone or directly online.
The Gesundheitspunkt is still looking forward to see new patients. However, due to our care concepts, it is mandatory that you are a resident of the Aegeri Valley!
We still offer home visits as well. Please call us!
We recommend that patients who are already registered with us in the GPO order their permanent medications conveniently and securely directly online on our homepage. An alternative is to order by e-mail. For legal reasons, the ordered medications must be picked up at our office. Please refer to "Ordering medications" for more information.
For certificates of incapacity for work we charge CHF 20 for the first issue. Certificate extensions are free of charge.
You can cancel booked appointments up to 24 hours in advance without incurring any costs. For unexcused absence we charge CHF 50.-, which you have to pay privately.
You are under the emergency care of family doctors around the clock during 7 days a week. We are able to treat emergencies immediately during our office hours. Outside office hours, we are connected to the cantonal emergency service of the Medical Association of the Canton of Zug. For details please consult the corresponding page "in case of emergency" of our homepage.
The Gesundheitspunkt has family doctor contracts with most health insurance companies. The exception is Assura health insurance.
Persons with disabilities are welcome to use our elevator to the left of the entrance stairs. Our center is wheelchair accessible.
These are only covered by health insurance in very special cases and are billed to the patient by the laboratory.
Health literacy: How do I prepare for my doctor's visit?
Five questions to ask your doctor

The best doctor-patient relationship is one of partnership. Be prepared for a medical interview and be sure to get answers to the following five questions from your doctor.

  • Are there multiple treatment options?
    There are almost always multiple treatment or therapy options. Talk about all the options. Talking to them will help you figure out what is most appropriate for you and best suits your needs.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the recommended treatment?
    Ask about possible advantages AND disadvantages of the recommended treatment. The more you know about a treatment, the better you can assess what is important to you and what you can expect. This way you make an informed and safe decision.
  • How likely are the pros and cons?
    What is important is not only which scenarios could occur, but above all how likely they are. Get educated and take time to determine for yourself what the opportunities and risks mean for you and your circumstances.
  • What happens if I do nothing?
    Sometimes you can wait. Some complaints disappear on their own or do not improve with treatment. Find out what the consequences are if you wait and see.
  • What can I do myself?
    How quickly you recover also depends on you. Ask what you can do yourself to positively impact your health. You can also help slow or prevent progression of chronic diseases.



"Less is sometimes more"
smarter medicine
against overuse and misuse of medicines
in medicine

Accounting procedure

Billing conditions

Most invoices are sent by us directly to the health insurer. In exceptional cases, you will receive our invoice sent directly to your home. Please note that our invoices are generally payable within 20 days; from the 2nd reminder we charge an additional administration fee of CHF 20.

Please note: if you do not show up for a booked and confirmed consultation, we will charge a contribution towards expenses of CHF 50, which you will have to pay privately.

Billing procedure

We are responsible for invoicing ourselves. The invoices are carefully prepared and checked. The invoice data is available electronically and is transmitted electronically without loss to our partner MediData. This partner ensures that the invoice is sent to the insurer and a copy of the invoice is sent to you, the patient, in accordance with the law.

As you can see below, you have various options for receiving your billing data and documents. If you prefer eBill, please let us know.


How it works:
Delivery to the patient

MediData recognizes whether the recipients can be reached via an electronic delivery channel. All other recipients receive the documents via print & (postal) delivery.

Patient portal

The invoice copies or invoices are not sent directly to the patients by e-mail, but an e-mail with a link to a web portal is sent. Patients then click on the link and must authenticate themselves using an SMS code in order to receive the invoice copy. Receipt of the invoice or invoice copy (PDF) is encrypted (via an HTTPS page) and therefore complies with data protection regulations. Prior registration with MediData by the patient is not required.

Questions about the invoice?

If you have any questions about the invoice or payment, please do not hesitate to contact us:

041 750 01 12

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Your opinion matters!

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