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Social health

Social health includes interactions with others on an individual and group basis, the ability to access social resources and support in times of need, and the ability to adapt to a variety of social situations. Socially healthy people enjoy a wide range of interactions with family, friends, and acquaintances, and they are able to have healthy interactions with an intimate partner. Typically, socially healthy people can listen, express themselves, form healthy attachments, act in socially acceptable and responsible ways, and find the best solution for themselves in society. Numerous studies have documented the importance of positive relationships with family members, friends, and significant others for overall well-being and longevity.

Social derterminants of health

Social work in the Gesundheitspunkt

However subjectively people may experience health or illness, the social embeddedness is evident and is also perceived in a family practice setting. However, many problems that are socially, psychologically or religiously/spiritually caused are treated with medication instead of focusing on the life situation as social work demands. Social work counters a paralyzing fixation on illness with its resource orientation, in which it seeks to strengthen health resources - physical-constitutional, economic-material, personal-psychological, interpersonal-social, and socio-cultural - within the framework of the salutogenesis model, in order to promote clients' self-responsibility.


Social counseling

Our qualified social worker Fabian Schalch will advise you and your relatives. As part of the Gesundheitspunkt's care team, he is subject to medical confidentiality and supports you as a neutral counseling center for social issues and questions.

Do you have questions about:
  • Everyday challenges (household, shopping, job, driving services, etc.)
  • Care and support options
  • Relief options for relatives
  • Social insurances (IV, etc.)
  • other social issues

... contact your family doctor or directly at the reception for a consultation appointment.