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The term phytotherapy is derived from the Greek "phyton" (=plant) and means healing with plants. From the last century it has taken a firm place in modern medicine. Among other things, it is the historical roots that make phytotherapy an ideal combination of medicine and naturopathy. Today, it is based on active ingredients and is thus mostly supported by studies or well researched in empirical medicine.


Phytotherapy can be used as a sole treatment option or as a complementary support to conventional medical treatment.

The medicinal plants are used in many forms, e.g.:

  • Finished medicines
  • Tea
  • Wrap
  • Tincture
  • Ointments
  • Essential oil blends



In a joint discussion, Helen Portmann is recording your complaints and sensitivities in order to develop a sensible and individual therapy concept. The effectiveness, the relation to nature and the good tolerance contribute to the high acceptance of phytotherapy.