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Holistic nutrition therapy

The fundamentals of holistic nutrition are based on a concept that draws on the western nutritional sciences of wholefood nutrition according to Koerber/Männle/Leitzmann and creates links with various natural healing methods. Our certified nutrition therapist Sabine Wehrli will be happy to advise you on questions about nutrition and healthy living. Nutritional counseling is aimed at healthy people who want to support their health in the long term with a balanced diet, as well as people who already have symptoms and illness. There are a number of diseases that are influenced by diet. Nutrition is therapy - Healthy eating habits can strengthen well-being.


Topics for nutrition therapy:
  • healthy nutrition and sustainable improvement of well-being
  • For weight optimization
  • Metabolic disease
  • For cardiovascular problems
  • For chronic inflammatory bowel problems
  • For rheumatic complaints
  • For food intolerances

And much more...

Discarding old behavior patterns

Changing behavior patterns like "eating" is a challenge! In the Gesundheitspunkt you will be empathycally guided and supported by our certified Nutrition therapist Sabine Wehrli.