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Bioresonance therapy

How does bioresonance work?

BRT is a biophysical therapy method that works with electromagnetic oscillations. The patient's own and substance-specific vibration information is used. Bioresonance therapy leads to a significant strengthening of the body's own defenses and self-healing powers.

Since therapy is tailored to you individually, the personal circumstances of your illness, your medical history and your living environment play an important role.

Before starting a bioresonance therapy, we always conduct a detailed conversation, a bioenergetic examination and, if necessary, a medical check-up.

A controversial method?

We have no intention to participate in the dispute of the orthodox medicine popes against the esoteric believers. As a family doctor, we are more practically inclined and see bioresonance therapy as a method that complements our conventional medical offerings and gives us the opportunity to offer afflicted people, who often have a long history of conventional medical failures, a way to obtain relief or even healing with an alternative procedure. We use bioresonance according to our specific experiences and feel obliged to the wzw-guidelines (effective-purposeful-economical).

Our indications:
  • allergic asthma and hay fever
  • Milk protein or gluten intolerance
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Warts / Smoking cessation / Scar removal
  • Migraine / Pain / Amalgamine Toxication
  • Conditions after operations / injuries / scars


Are side effects known?

All elicited reactions are main effects, especially since chronic conditions must first be activated. This sometimes leads to fever, increased excretion or sometimes even pain. In any case, the treatment must be repeated a few times and the duration of treatment depends on your health condition. After the treatment you should drink a lot of water and do not expose yourself to stronger stimuli.

How much does bioresonance cost?

We charge depending on the effort Fr. 60.- to Fr. 120.- per session. Unfortunately, bioresonance therapy is not covered by health insurance; however, the costs are covered by alternative supplementary insurance.