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Care Coordination


Coordination of care means minimizing the risks of care by different providers. This means ensuring that all providers involved in a patient's care share the necessary clinical information and have clear, common expectations about their roles.


Communication breakdowns between the Gesundheitspunkt and outside facilities can lead to unnecessary hospitalizations, duplicate tests, medical and medication errors, or other problems. The Gesundheitspunkt seeks to use care coordination to reduce these risks and thereby lower health care costs.


Responsible for this important activity is our medical secretary Alexandra Schmid

What the coordination manager does
  • Link: refer patients to resources outside the health point.
  • Follow-up: of patients after they have received services outside the health point.
  • Outreach: with patients within a few days of going to an emergency facility or after hospital discharge.
  • Communicate: of test results and care plans to patients and/or family members.